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Accessing Recordings in the Insight Timer App

The primary mindfulness practices recorded by Tim are now available to iPhone and Andriod users in the Insight Timer app.

Download and install Insight Timer - this free app offers a useful meditation timer and access to an array of guided meditations, including Tim's Mindfulness Northwest recordings. 

Launch the app and the home screen has options for Timer and Guided Meditations
In Guided Meditations the initial list are featured or new recordings from various teachers, we want to filter the list of All meditations to the ones from Mindfulness Northwest.

Click on the large yellow Sorted by / Teacher drop down and in the Sorting and Filt... screen click Teacher: all.  We want to change that to Teacher: Mindfulness Northwest.

In the list that appears scroll down, down to Mindfulness Northwest and click it.

After clicking on Mindfulness Northwest as the Teacher to filter on you should see just our recordings.  
 Insight Timer will "remember" this selection. When you close and re-open it and go back to Guided Meditations it will still be filtered on Mindfulness Northwest. 

But if you'd like to explore the other recordings (good idea) and easily get back to Mindfulness Northwest you might consider making the Mindfulness Northwest recordings your Favorites in the app.

To do this open the recordings (as you will to listen to it) and scroll down to the (+) Add to Favorites button. You must do this individually for each recordings.
Then the Mindfulness Northwest recordings will be reliably in your Favorites.

However just applying the Teacher: Mindfulness Northwest filter to the main list works fine too.

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