Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the target audience for your classes?
Our events are open to all adults, ages 18 and older, though certain retreats are best suited for more experienced practitioners. Details about pre-requisites are included on each event web page.

There are two of us in my home who want to attend an online course. Do we both register?
Yes, you'll each register separately with your own emails. You may participate on the same camera, but you may want to experiment with joining the online courses from separate devices. 

Do I have to register online or may I register by phone?
Our registration and payment plans are web-based, so all registration must be completed online.  If you are unfamiliar with registering online, the suggestion is to find a trusted friend or family member to assist you with registration, if possible. 

I don't see the cost of the event.
The tuition costs are listed to the left side of the event page once you open the page.

How do I choose what amount to pay?
Our events list several tuition costs to make our classes accessible to as many people as possible. Choose whatever level of tuition fits your budget. To learn more about our sliding fee scale click here.  

Do you offer discounted tuitions or scholarships?
We do!  Our scholarship tuitions are open to everyone and are listed on the event registration page. More information about scholarships is available here.

Are there discounts for Mindfulness Northwest alumni?
We offer alumni discounts for some events. Learn more here.

I owe a balance. How do I pay?
Go to the main HOME page and click the green Login button. Use your email and password to access your account and click Invoices and Payments to see any unpaid invoices. Click on the invoice. A payment window will open up. Select Pay Online, and you will be directed to our credit card payment site to complete the payment with a credit or debit card.

What kinds of payment do you accept?
We accept credit and debit cards online, as well as checks mailed to: Mindfulness Northwest 214 N. Commercial St. #103,  Bellingham WA 98225.   We also provide a 4-month interest-free payment plan option, available during registration. 

How do I cancel my registration?
Almost all registration cancellations must be completed by a Mindfulness Northwest administrator.  If you have already paid for your registration, before you request to cancel,  please review our registration cancellation policy here and then email with your request. We will contact you within 1-2 business days. 

How to cancel registration for a free event:
1. Log into your profile
2. Click My Event Registrations
3. Select the event
4. Click on "Already Registered" just under the green REGISTER button
5. Click Cancel Registration.

I want to register for an event on your website but see this message on the page.
"Event registration is currently unavailable. Please contact site administrator."  This message appears when registration has been closed or is not yet open to the public.

I was automatically registered for an event from the waitlist. Now what?
If you still wish to attend the event for which you were waitlisted, follow the directions included in the email to complete registration. If you wish to cancel the pending registration, please email with your request to cancel.

May I register a guest? Many of our classes and retreats provide the option to "Add a Guest" at the time of registration. The  guest tuition is based on the primary registrant's tuition cost.

Why isn't the Add a Guest option showing up for me?
This feature isn't available when:
a.) you select a Scholarship Level tuition. You will need to register your guest separately at a different tuition level.

b.) your guest registration causes the total class registration number to exceed the class size limit.  If this is the case, email us at Sometimes we can increase the class size to make room for one more.

Class Participation

Could I just attend one class to try it out?
If you would like to sample what a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction or Mindful Self-Compassion class is like, we encourage you to join a 3-hr (2 session) Intro to MBSR  or Intro to MSC course.

Am I allowed to miss classes?
We encourage regular attendance and enrolling at a time when you can plan to attend weekly if possible; however we leave attendance decisions to our participants.

Is there a way to make up a missed class?
Yes!  We allow participants to attend another class site in the same quarter should you be absent unexpectedly. You may email to make arrangements. Provide the name of your current class, location, day of the week, and the class you'll be missing, e.g. MBSR, Online, Tues, class 6. You'll be contacted by the  Communities Program Coordinator within 1 business day.

Teacher Training Programs

When do you start accepting applications for Mindfulness Teacher Training Program and MBSR Teaching Training?
We begin accepting applications for the next cohort January 1

I want to apply for the Mindfulness Teacher Training Program but haven't yet sat for a 5-7 day retreat. May I still apply?
You are welcome to apply even if you haven't yet fulfilled the retreat pre-requisite, but we strongly recommend making plans to attend a five-day retreat before the Teacher Training year begins.

See this page for retreats that fulfill this prerequisite. If you haven't fulfilled the retreat requirement before submitting your application, please note your plans to do so in the application.

If you are submitting your application too late to attend a retreat, the program Director will need to review your full application and make a determination about allowing any exception in the context of the entire application.

Professional Certificate of Completion available

How can I get a Professional Certificate of Completion?
Easy!  Just let your instructor know that you would like to receive this certificate. After attending 100 percent of class meetings, remind your Instructor of the same. The Instructor will then let the MNW Office know of your request and your certificate will be emailed to you.

What if I am unable to attend the class 100 percent of the time? Can I still get a Certificate of Completion?
If a participant requests a Certificate of Completion and has missed one or more of the 8-weeks of class, we will issue a Certificate of Attendance, instead.

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