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In the opening retreat of the MTTP program we collectively identified qualities of good teaching such as humility, humor, appropriate self-disclosure, flexibility, curiosity, and presence. Tim modeled these and invited them in me. I am so grateful, amongst many, many elements of our training for Tim’s modeling. We worked in so many different contexts including: leading practice, didactic, and inquiry. There was a wonderful infusion throughout of "not knowing,” and I was moved by the very real, candid, fluctuations of energy and emotional vulnerability in me, in Tim, and the other trainees. I felt the transmission of his teaching, his spirit, his way through shared time as much as anything else. For that, I am deeply grateful. The cohort was stunningly, nourishingly strong, sweet, tender, trusting container for our work together. That the structure of the program wasn’t only an academic workshop, that it included shared retreat together, was so imperative and so beneficial, particularly early on as a part of gelling the group and concluding with retreat again. I was grateful that we were given so much freedom, that this training was not curriculum based. Instead we were given practices and trusted to design and integrate them appropriate to our teaching context. Overall: excellent! Wow!!!

 - Amy C. Darling, LAc.

My first foray into becoming a Mindfulness Teacher started with a six day  Foundation Teacher Training course at another agency.  After the course I felt I had just the basics, and was to follow through for certification with an online mentor. I couldn't see a way forward that worked for me, and then I found Mindfulness Northwest website and saw that Tim Burnett was offering a Mindfulness Teacher Training Program.

I read that we would be meeting periodically during the 9 month course, attend retreats together, and have readings and discussions online.  I knew this was the right course for me.  

Together as a group we took a deep dive into the Foundations of Mindfulness, Science and Research, and fundamentals of being a teacher.  We had periodic face to face conferences with Tim in-between classes.  We practiced using teach-backs in a safe and supportive environment. The support system was so strong between the cohorts and Tim, it shall be a life long bond.  I came away with a deep sense of enrichment and confidence.  I now have have started to teach this wonderful heartfelt practice back home in Idaho.

- Carol Reager, RN

The Mindfulness Northwest Teacher Training Program provides students with opportunity for inner growth, skill development and community involvement.  Tim Burnett artfully weaves the practice of mindfulness into an instructional program, inviting students to reflect on their gifts and guides them in developing class structure to encourage growth and discovery.  Students have the opportunity to connect with mindfulness community leaders in a small class environment encouraging intimate conversation and presence.  My experience with the MTTP program has been transformational, turning inward to re-explore my outward life.  We had the exquisite environment to make life-long relationships in our cohort as we each emerged as new teachers.  I highly recommend the MNW MTTP program for its flexibility in both individual and cohort development, venues offered for experiential learning and deep learning of mindfulness. 

- Laura Chun Daniel, MPM, PMP, CRM

I am thoroughly enjoying Tim Burnett’s Mindfulness Teacher Training Program. I feel inspired and challenged. Tim’s program supports growth in my own meditation and mindfulness practices, as well as my teaching skills. I like the breadth of required reading, which has ranged from translations of ancient Buddhist texts to reviews of contemporary mindfulness neuroscience.  The weekly reading and practice assignments are totally doable and keep me honest (I like homework!).

Tim fosters an atmosphere of freedom and flexibility in how we incorporate the lessons – we are encouraged to develop our own system and style of teaching. I greatly appreciate how he empowers me to explore and experiment with the material to find what is true for me.

- Beth Glosten, MD

I must say that the MTTP program far exceeded my expectations. Going in to the program, I felt ready to roll up my sleeves and dive in. I knew that my background in mindfulness would be sufficient as a springboard to further learning and growth. However, I did not imagine that the program would become such a huge personal development and transformative process for me. This unique experience will be such a meaningful touchstone for the rest of my years, and I am truly grateful and humbled by this experience.

- Anonymous (due to agreement with employer)

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