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       . . . about our Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) classes

The instructors created a safe and supportive environment, allowing space to share, grow, and heal. Rather than reactively meeting everyday stressors with resistance, I feel I can now meet life’s challenges thoughtfully and openly. Most of all, MBSR has given me the skills to be more forgiving of myself, which has improved both my relationship with myself and with others close to me.


I went to the class looking for a way to help myself with long-term problems. The problems still exist. The solutions have yet to be found. But the time spent in the class brought needed temporary relief and awakened me to the viability of a deeper peace that surprisingly can exist alongside of difficulties.


Just wanted to say that I felt that I got a lot out of your teachings and I feel I have a fresh perspective on life and a couple tools in my bag to help me. On a side note, one of the reasons I took the class was for severely high blood pressure… it has dropped drastically since implementing meditation and mindfulness practice into my daily life.


For more information about the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program, see here.

       . . . about our Mindfulness for Healthcare Professionals (MHP) programs

[This class] can allow one to build emotional resilience in ways nothing else does.

   - Kevin Walsh, M.D., Ellensburg, WA


I really appreciated that the course found ways to help busy doctors integrate mindfulness into their lives and practice WITHOUT taking more time out of our lives. I was more energetic, happy, and present for my family. And while my work days weren't any shorter, being mindful helped me feel less resentful of my time at work.

   - a Seattle Healthcare Professional


I took your class last year and it was immensely helpful. I can at times take a moment, a breath, before just reacting through my day.

   - a Seattle physician


For more information about the Mindfulness for Healthcare Professionals program, see here.

       . . . about our Workshops

As a provider in the mental health realm I went into the one-day Mindfulness for Stress Resilience and Burnout Prevention course already aware of the research and best practices to prevent burnout. And yet, this training shifted my therapy practice and day-to-day personal awareness, serving as a much needed "reset button." 

Mindfulness can seem intimidating and elusive, but Tim has a gentle way of sharing that put me at ease. I attended this one-day training with a group of co-workers and highly recommend it, especially for those in the healing professions.

   - Emily Wood, MA, LMHCA, NCC


We had the pleasure of Tim Burnett speaking to our team and introducing us to the concept of mindfulness. His presentation was the perfect combination of background about the concept and active learning exercises. Many on my team expressed their thanks, and they felt it demonstrated that leadership really cared about employees because we helped them learn about this valuable stress-reducing technique. Plus, we all felt energized after our participation!
   - Beth S. Thompson, Senior Director, Marketing, Fortune 500 company

I went for the first time last year as a “woo woo skeptic” and returned for a second time. Tim Burnett is a knowledgeable, empathetic, respectful, and insightful teacher and is able to discern and meet the diverse needs and knowledge levels of a group of people he doesn’t know and who don’t know each other. He creates a safe, comfortable, non-threatening environment and makes it clear that people can participate as much or as little as they’d like. 

This retreat is healing and restorative in itself, and it can also be the beginning of new learning and ways of thinking. 

   - Linnea Mulder, RN, UWMC


Tim was extremely professional, well-organized and easy to deal with from an administrative standpoint in addition to being a very skilled teacher of mindfulness. The class reviews were uniformly positive with many participants signing up for more than one 5-week session. 

   - Claudia Finkelstein, MDCM, UW/HMC Long Term Care Service, UW School of Medicine


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