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Self-Paced Mindfulness Videos

Explore these videos on mindfulness practice at your own pace and explore additional mindfulness practices here.

Anchoring Meditation - 8 minutes

Learn more about Anchoring Meditation

Self-Compassion break - 6 minute practice plus a story

More about Mindful Self-Compassion

mindful eating - 6 minutes

Awareness of Breathing - 4 minutes

Read More About Awareness of Breathing

Two feet and a breath - 2 minutes

Download the Two Feet and a Breath Handout

Practicing Gratitude - 5 minutes

Read More about Gratitude Practice

Learning the R.A.I.N. practice - 14 minutes

Learn more about R.A.I.N.

Practicing R.A.I.N. - 3 minutes

Learn more about R.A.I.N.

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