Staff and Leadership Development

We offer programs for Staff Development and Mindful Leadership. These programs are customized to fit the schedules and needs of agencies and groups throughout the region. Please contact us for more information.

Examples of Staff and Leadership Development Programs:

Mindful at Work: An Introduction to Mindfulness

In this half-day training we'll experience the practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness is training our most central tool: our own mind. Mindfulness increases self-awareness and supports our ability to interact with others and be productive, balanced, and focussed at work. As employees, colleagues, supervisors, and team members, the cultivation of mindfulness enables us to be more patient and skillful with our tasks and with each other. Mindfulness helps us to meet the challenges of the frantic workplace with effectiveness, curiosity, and creativity. 

This hands-on experiential training with provide an introduction to key concepts in mindfulness training, introduce formal and informal mindfulness practices, and provide take-away tools and ideas to support participants in meeting their work life more mindfully.

Mindful Communication

Our Mindful Communication course focused on exploring communication styles that foster a healthier work environment through improving communication, decreasing stress and building a foundation for a safe, supportive and nourishing workplace. Mindful Communication asks – what can I bring to this communication, rather than what can I get from it. What qualities – kindness, acceptance, patience, lightness, humor, strength – can I offer? When we communicate mindfully, every interaction is fresh – filled with opportunity and open to discovery.

Becoming mindful when communicating with others increases awareness of and alertness to both one’s own and the others’ verbal and nonverbal communication.

Mindful Leadership

(created in collaboration with Gimbal Systems)

In this half-day training we will explore what it means to be a mindful leader. We will take specific mindfulness practices and apply them to leadership scenarios to learn why being a mindful leader matters. We will discuss the importance of developing emotional intelligence through greater self-awareness that drives improved team performance and business results.

Leaders will try new practices in this hands-on experiential training that will make them more concious of the choices they make, the additional options they have and the impact their mindful leadership can have. They will leave with tools and resources they can turn to remind them to remain conscious so they can be more effective in leading and inspiring others.

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