Mindfulness Coaching

We're happy to be offering one-on-one instruction in mindfulness practice starting. Mindfulness Coaching is available with Tim Burnett and in Bellingham at our new offices at 214 N. Commercial. Mindfulness Coaching may be offered in future by telephone/Skype with Tim and other Mindfulness Northwest teachers. 

A typical Mindfulness Coaching session includes doing mindfulness practice together with the instructor and discussing your experience, exploring current life issues and challenges with an eye towards how they are workable and valuable as points of practice, and simply having a supported time to pause and reflect in a safe private environment.   

Continue on to the booking a time to meet with Tim and paying online (using the "YouCanBookMe" website).

Statement of Intent from Tim:

"What I offer is not traditional therapy or life coaching. I do not give advice or analyze. My background (and daily practice) is Zen Buddhism and conscious compassionate awareness. I offer a process to help people become more present, compassionate, and empowered in their lives, through the ongoing practice of mindfulness and compassion.

This helps uncover conditioned beliefs and patterns that hold us back and to discover the resources we have within for living a life of authenticity and fulfillment, regardless of the circumstances. 

What I offer is support for deepening mindfulness and compassion practice, and learning how to meet life with more wakefulness, non-judgement, clarity, compassion, and trust.

I offer a grounded and sensitive approach to personal growth and self discovery. And for exploration of the mystery that is beyond idea of self and personality!

Our time here on this planet is short and what we do with our energy and attention in that time is truly our choice. I help people to let go of limiting beliefs and to align themselves with peace and possibility, to celebrate the time that they are here.

People come to me for coaching for many reasons. These have included:

  • Deepening practice and integrating mindfulness and meditation into daily life
  • Cultivating resilience and clarity through a life transition or crisis
  • Weekly or monthly coaching for living life authentically and meeting goals, both personal and career, through the lens of process rather than content
  • Support through chronic illness and physical pain challenges
 – For couples, I offer support for cultivating mindful communication and real intimacy, and I help couples to bring relational mindfulness into their daily lives."

Please click Mindfulness Coaching Booking to book a time and make an online payment. You may also bring your check to your appoint. 

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