About the MTTP

Topic details and sequence subject to change as we go along!

Opening Retreat "Entering the Stream"  - 3  days, early September 

  • Topics: exploring intentions, cohort building, immersive practice, program logistics and overview
  • Audience: required for MTTP Cohort,  those considering the 2nd cohort (Fall 2017 start?) also invited
  • Location: Samish Island Camp (Skagit Valley)

Learning Block 1  - 5 weeks - mid September through mid October

  • Practice: Body Scan, beginning with Mindful Yoga
  • Science Topic: Classic Stress Physiology 
  • Sources Topic: Early Buddhism (the Buddhism of Analysis and Peace)
  • Teaching Topic: history of MBSR, definitions & applications of mindfulness
  • Location: distance learning

Study Meeting - 1 day - mid October

  • We will gather for a 4-hour meeting before the opening evening of our week long Roots of Mindfulness retreat. A "mini" version of the Study Weekend to discuss materials studied during Learning Block 1.

Intensive Retreat "The Roots of Mindfulness" - mid October 

  • Practice: deep practice of all MBSR practices
  • Study: "The Roots of Mindfulness" unpacking the Satipatthana Sutta of early Buddhism
  • Audience: required for MTTP Cohort, open to wider mindfulness practice community
  • Location: Samish Island (Skagit Valley)

Learning Block 2 - 4 weeks - late October through mid November

  • Practice: mindful yoga
  • Science Topic: The New Psychology of Stress 
  • Sources Topic: Mahayana Buddhism (the Buddhism of radical, non-dual acceptance)
  • Teaching Topic: MBSR curriculum, part 2;  engaging with poetry
  • Location: distance learning

Study Weekend 1  - mid November

  • Practice: leading the body scan
  • Teaching: holding space with kindness & clarity
  • Science Topic: Stress Physiology (guest instructor)
  • Sources Topic: Early Buddhist Roots & Theravadin Critiques
  • Teaching Topics: holding space, classroom logistics, discussion formats
  • Location: Bellingham 

Learning Block 3 - 5 weeks (+2 week break for winter holidays) late November through mid January

  • Practice: sitting meditation (settling practices)
  • Science Topic: Cognitive Neuroscience 
  • Sources Topic: Contemporary Buddhism and Yoga, MBSR curriculum
  • Teaching Topic: learning styles & multiple intelligences
  • Location: distance learning

Study Weekend 2 - mid January

  • Practice: leading yoga (guest yoga instructor) & walking meditation
  • Teaching: inquiry & dialog
  • Science Topic: Cognitive Neuroscience (guest instructor)
  • Sources Topic: Mahayana Buddhism
  • Teaching Topic: making skillful use of small groups
  • Location: Bellingham

 Learning Block 4 - 6 weeks - late January through early March

  • Practice: sitting meditation (cultivation practices)
  • Science Topic: Science of Compassion
  • Sources Topic: Vajrayana (Tibetan) Buddhism on Compassion
  • Teaching Topic: warming the heart with poetry and story
  • Location: distance learning

Study Weekend 3 - early March

  • Practice: teaching sitting meditation (settling practices)
  • Teaching: flow of activities, developing a one-day workshop (Practicum Prep)
  • Science Topic: Attention and perception
  • Sources Topic: Contemporary Buddhism and Yoga
  • Teaching Topic: using contemplative exercises, using poetry in class 
  • Location: Bellingham

Practicum Delivery Period - March & April (to be completed by Study Weekend 4)

Design & deliver a one-day mindfulness workshop in your community or workplace, ideally co-taught with another MTTP participant. 
Group and pairs check-in meetings with the instructors TBA.

Weekend Meditation Retreat  - mid April

Join with a wider group of mindfulness students in a teacher-lead weekend meditation retreat.

  • Location: Skagit Valley (Samish Island Camp)
  • Audience: open broadly to mindfulness class graduates with the MTTP cohort mixed in as participant-observers

 Learning Block 5 - 6 weeks - mid March through late April

  • Practice: more with compassion and cultivation practices
  • Science Topic: Transformational Learning
  • Sources Topic: Special populations (e.g. those with chronic pain, psychological disorders, etc.)
  • Teaching Topic: Appropriate disclosure and other issues in "taking your seat"
  • Location: distance learning

Study Weekend 4 - late April

  • Practice: teaching sitting meditation (cultivation practices)
  • Teaching: pulling it all together - logistics, business of teaching, web tools, finance
  • Science Topic: Science of Compassion 
  • Sources Topic: Vajrayana (Tibetan) Buddhism on Compassion
  • Teaching Topic: leading compassion practices with heart and accuracy
  • Location: Bellingham

Closing Retreat "Opening to the World" - early June - Thursday evening through Sunday 1pm.

  • Practice: participant led retreat in all MBSR practices, intention setting, graduation ceremony
  • Audience: current MTTP cohort only
  • Location: TBA
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