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Research on "abbreviated" mindfulness interventions with physicians

4 Sep 2016 9:33 AM | Tim Burnett (Administrator)

Abbreviated Mindfulness Intervention for Job Satisfac- tion, Quality of Life, and Compassion in Primary Care Clinicians: A Pilot Study (2013)

We're encouraged that this study on an 18-hour mindfulness class for physicians done at the University of Wisconsin that shows an decrease in burnout, depression and stress. 

Our 16-hour Fundamentals of Mindfulness for Healthcare Professionals is similar in length with a slightly different format being done over 4 or 5 weeks instead of a weekend plus follow ups. 

We've seen similar results in what the participants tell us about how much better they feel after the training. 

It's interesting that the authors of this study call their class "abbreviated." A 16 to 18 hour intensive training in mindfulness is a LOT. (And of course i do know it's a nod to the 30 hour Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course!).

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