Best Practices with Email

1 Aug 2019 9:28 AM | Catherine Duffy (Administrator)

Best Practices with Email   by Teresa Johnson

Let’s say we’ve taken a break and are now back at our computer. What are best practices when responding to someone else’s email or creating your own? Here are  Five principles of wise communication shared by Rick Hanson, Ph.D, New York Times best-selling author, and based on Buddhist teachings.

Ask yourself if this communication is:

            Well-intended – Is my intention based on good will?

            True – Is what I’m saying the truth, unexaggerated, and accurate?

            Beneficial – Will this communication help things get better?

            Timely – Am I sending this when I feel balanced, rested, uncompelled, and at a time when it’s likely to be received well? (Consider keeping a draft overnight or scheduling the email for the next day.)

            Not harsh – When direction or boundaries are needed, is this a firm and clear communication without being harsh?

If the answer to these questions is YES, then I’m ready to hit SEND.

For more thoughts on this topic, see this Mindful Magazine article  about the six rules of conscious emailing.

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