What are our classes like?

We hope you enjoy this five minute video by Executive Director Tim Burnett on what our classes look and feel like. A five minute investment before taking an 8-week class is worth the trouble.

Important Warning about our 8-Week Classes

There are instances where an 8-week class like Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction or Mindful Self Compassion can be less helpful or even harmful.

If you've recently experienced serious psychological challenges like schizophrenia or psychosis not responsive to medication, or you are experiencing severe depression with thoughts of suicide, class is probably not helpful at this time. We also suggest caution if you're recently in recovery, recently lost a close loved one, have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), or have recently experienced significant trauma.

With these kinds of conditions this practice might make things more difficult as it creates space in us for things to arise.  Sometimes what arises is joyful and pleasant and sometimes it is painful or difficult or even disturbing.

Please contact the Mindfulness Northwest office if you are unsure about registering for a class so that we can be sure there is sufficient support for you and that the timing is right for taking our courses. 

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