UW School of Medicine - South Lake Union, 750 Republican St, Rm F106

UW’s South Lake Union campus, our building is to the rightSome of our classes at the UW School of Medicine take place at the South Lake Union campus at 750 Republican Street – it’s in a block of buildings between Mercer St, 8th and 9th, and Republican St. 

Driving Directions: 

From I-5 North or South: Take exit 167 to Mercer St. /Seattle Center. Turn left at the end of the offramp lane onto Fairview Ave N. Go one block and turn right onto Republican Street. Travel four blocks west, passing 9th Avenue N. The 850 parking garage will be on your immediate right. The 750 garage entrance is one block further to the west near Dexter Avenue N.

  • From Downtown: Take Westlake Ave. going north then left at Republican. Go one block through the 9th Ave. intersection and the 850 parking garage will be on your immediate right. The 750 garage is one block further to the west.

The SLU streetcar runs from Stewart Street to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Northbound, he Terry & Mercer stop is closest to us. Southbound from FHCRC, the Westlake & Mercer stop is closest. Please refer to this link for rider information and schedules: Seattle Streetcar South Lake Union Line .

Bus: Southbound routes 40 and C stop on Westlake Ave N and Mercer St. Northbound routes 40 & C stop on Westlake Ave N at Harrison St. Route 62 serves Dexter Ave N. Nearby route 70 runs on Fairview Ave N. Other routes serving the site include #s 5, E, and 98 (SLU Streetcar). For more information or to plan your ride, please visit: Metro Trip Planner .

Parking: The entrance to the garage is on Republican St. Parking in the SLU garages is free if you have a UW parking pass. Commuter tickets are also accepted. For those without a pass, hourly and daily rates are offered (payment by Visa/MasterCard only). Garage parking is free to all after 3:30pm. The garage elevator will take you directly to the reception desk (opens onto the lobby) NOTE: You will need to have your ticket validated at the reception desk in order to leave the garage (the arm at the exit will not raise without it).

Entering the Garage:

1. The entrances to the garages are located on Republican Street.
2. Driving into the underground facility, under the rolling gate, you will approach a ticket machine.
3. Pull a ticket from the machine. This will raise the arm allowing you into the garage.
4. Park in any available space not designated for limited use.
5. Take the elevator up to the lobby. Bring your parking ticket with you. Questions? Contact SLU Reception 206-897-1327
6. The reception desk will notify the appropriate SLU employee of your arrival. Payment or validation of your parking ticket is also processed at reception.
7. Payment for parking takes place at the reception desk when you are ready to leave. Provide a credit card (MasterCard/Visa only) for payment. If being sponsored, provide a budget number. ** KEEP YOUR VALIDATED TICKET WITH YOU. YOU WILL NEED IT TO EXIT THE GARAGE.**

Disability Parking for Visitors:  There are disability parking spaces in the parking garages near the garage elevators for vehicles displaying disability permits.

Finding the room: If parked in the 750 Republican garage, take the elevator to the lobby. The person at the information desk can point you to the room.  If accessing the building from street level, please come into the lobby and talk to the person at the information desk.

Exiting the Garage:

1. Take the elevators opposite the reception desk back to your level of the parking garage.
2. Once in your vehicle, follow the exit signs to the gate.
3. Insert your validated ticket into the machine, which will raise the arm, allowing you to exit the garage.
4. If the arm fails to lift, please use the call button located on the machine. An InfoCentre operator will contact security to assist you.
5. If you leave after regular business hours, the rolling gate may be down. Drive slowly toward the gate and it will automatically ascend. If it does not, there is a call button there for security to assist you.

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