Introducing Mindfulness Northwest's TeeN Program

MNW's TEEN Program

Adolescence is an amazing time of growth and self-discovery that may also be fraught with confusion and stress which can lead to anxiety and depression. 

Teens are confronted with academic, social, and family pressures every day but may not have the needed skills to respond to these pressures rather than react out of a sense of overwhelm.

Mindfulness practices can help young people to pause, take a step back from their life circumstances, identify where stress is being experienced physically, sort out their feelings and thoughts, and consider how to proceed more wisely. 

Self-Compassion practices help teens to learn how to turn toward their struggles with greater awareness of what they're experiencing, an increased sense that they are not alone, and kindness toward themselves.

Join us for our new Teen Program workshops.  This mindfulness stuff…works.

Upcoming Teen Program Events

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