by Tim Burnett & Beth Glosten, May 2023


In May 2023, Mindfulness Northwest Executive Director and Guiding Teacher Tim Burnett returned to Costa Rica with Teacher Beth Glosten to explore perception, ecology and personal transformation at the edge of a primary tropic rainforest. 


Talk 1: Practicing with Challenging Circumstances in Retreat

Tim welcomes the group to retreat including some processing of the challenge that arose that one of our members had just tested positive for Covid.

Talk 2: Sight and Sound

Beth explores the sense of sight and sound.


Talk 3: Perception as Practice

Tim explores the way perception is a rich mind-based process that we can practice with, not (as it can appear to us) as a neutral taking in of objective reality around us.

Talk 4: Smell & Taste

Beth explores the senses of smell and taste and reflects on why investigating perception and the senses is important.

Talk 5: The Three Doors of Perception

Tim explores a Buddhist teaching on perception and how we can apply it to investigations of ourselves and our world.