Books & Movies on a Mindful Life ~ by Carolyn McCarthy

I hear it all the time, especially at the end of a class or workshop: how do I keep this going? Daily practice, finding community, and doing a retreat come to mind. But how about books and movies? For this list, I’ve skipped the many wonderful “How To”...

Contemplative Self-Care
Article by Tim Burnett
September 2020

Dear Friends, Lately I’ve been thinking about how I can support myself better in living more deeply in the way I intend: to be more grounded and deliberate in my choices at home, especially. And since I’m home so much more, this matters. Work, play, rest,...

The Thread You Follow
Article by Tim Burnett
April 2020

Dear Friends, There’s a poem by William Stafford called “The Way It Is” that we share in class sometimes: There’s a thread you follow. It goes among things that change. But it doesn’t change. People wonder about what you are pursuing. You...