Sense and Savor…Everything!
An article by Carolyn McCarthy
August 2023

I invite you to become like a bee, moving from flower to flower. In this case, the “flower” being anything beautiful or interesting that draws your attention. Engage your senses to connect with delight: the sun on your cheek, the grass on your feet, honeysuckle in...

The Big AND
An article by Tim Burnett
July 2023

A student in one of the meditation groups I have the pleasure of supporting told the group a story. Her mood seemed unhappy as she started – there was that feeling of, “I want to share something bad that happened to me in the hope that I’ll feel...

Mindfully Meeting Aggression
An article by Tim Burnett
May 2023

My partner and I were on a bike ride. She’s fairly new to town and I had the idea to pass through the university campus to check it out. I remembered a trail that skirts the bottom of the arboretum which would be pretty, so we rode up a neighborhood street and...

Meditation in Motion ~ by Tim Burnett

As Beth described in her essay last month, still sitting meditation is a powerful practice that invites us to take a break from what we’re doing so that we can study our minds, bodies, and hearts. We stop moving our bodies, stop reacting and responding to...