Mindfulness Teacher Training Program (MTTP) PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT

In applying to join Mindfulness Northwest's Mindfulness Teacher Training Program (MTTP) I understand and agree to the following: 

  1. Simple accommodations. Accommodations at the residential retreats are simple and may involve sharing a room. (This applies to the Opening Retreat, Fall Roots of Mindfulness Retreat, Spring Weekend Mindfulness Retreat, and Closing Retreat).

  2. Room and board costs at the retreat center retreats are included in the MTTP Tuition, with the exception of E-Cabins at Samish Island Campground.  The participant will be responsible to pay the surcharge. However, room and board for the Bellingham weekends is not included in  tuition.

  3. Bellingham Room and Board. Remember that for the Bellingham Study Weekends participants are responsible for finding accommodations. There are many reasonably-priced Bellingham area rooms available on Airbnb.

  4. Program Completion. To receive the Certificate of Completion participants must attend 85% of MTTP events and complete 85% of MTTP assignments according to the point grading system.

  5. Advancement to Certification. Advancement from completion of the  MTTP program into Supervised Teaching leading towards Teacher Certification is not guaranteed - MTTP faculty will make the determination that each participant is ready to advance to supervision and certification.

  6. No guarantee of Certification. The participant acknowledges that participation in the supervision and certification process and payment of the required tuition fees do not guarantee that the participant will become a Certified Mindfulness Teacher through the Mindfulness Northwest MTTP. The participant acknowledges that the MTTP training program requires that the participant demonstrates "basic understanding of the fundamental principles of mindfulness and the teachings that underlie mindfulness and demonstrates competency in delivering mindfulness training to various groups and individuals." This determination of competency in mindfulness teacher will be based on, but not limited to, the criteria specified in the MBI-TAC (Mindfulness-Based Interventions Teacher Assessment Criteria).

  7. Time Limit for Completion of Assignments. 
    (1) MTTP Assignments: The participant agrees that the time allowed to complete the MTTP late assignments shall be six months from the Closing Retreat. If unfinished assignments are not completed by this time a Certificate of Completion of the MTTP cannot be issued.

    (2) Teacher Certification: The participant agrees that the mindfulness class or workshop to be taught under supervision shall be completed (last day taught) within one year of completion of the Seminar's Closing Retreat. If supervised teaching is not completed by this time, certification as a Certified Mindfulness Teacher cannot be granted.

  8. Early Withdrawal from the program. Withdrawal from the MTTP prior to the program completion date and full tuition payment is subject to tuition policy below.

Tuition payments

Upon admission to the Mindfulness Teacher Training Program (MTTP), a tuition deposit is due within 30 days. This saves your place in the program and covers preliminary administrative costs.

The balance of the tuition can be paid in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. Pay in full by credit card
  2. Pay with a 10-month, interest-free payment plan

Monthly payment plans are set up through the Partial.ly service, a 3rd party online payment plan service. 

The tuition balance must be paid or payment plan opened by August 31st of the training year.

Early Withdrawal and Refunds

In the event that an MTTP student withdraws from the program, a tuition reduction (or refund) will be determined based on the percentage of months the student has participated in the 9 month training period. More details below.

Deposit is Non-Refundable - Mindfulness Northwest will retain the $500 tuition deposit if an enrolled student withdraws from the program prior to the Opening Retreat.

Student withdrawal after training has begun - Mindfulness Northwest retains a percentage of the full tuition based on withdrawal date (time spent in the training program), as indicated in Table 1 below.

Funds paid in excess of the amount due to Mindfulness Northwest will be refunded. Students paying with payment plans will continue making payments until the amount due has been paid.

Any refund will be paid within 30 calendar days of the student’s official withdrawal date.

Determining withdrawal date - A student's official withdrawal date is determined by one of the following (at the discretion of Mindfulness Northwest):

  1. Date the Program Director receives notice of the student’s intention to discontinue the training program
  2. Date student is given notice of termination for a violation of a published program policy which provides for termination
  3. Date after which a student fails to attend training meetings or classes for 14 calendar days without notifying program staff

Table 1

If the student withdraws at any point during this training month (* in September this applies to withdrawal after the Opening Retreat begins):

Mindfulness Northwest will retain this percentage of the full tuition:





















In the case of a tuition rate of $6220, and a withdrawal in October, Mindfulness Northwest would retain (or be owed) 30% of $6220 = $1866.

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