We’re delighted to announce that we’re holding our 3rd Rainforest Retreat at Selva Verde Lodge in Costa Rica next year. May 22-30, 2025. 

This incredible retreat immerses us in the Central American rainforest as we practice mindfulness and open our senses to the “lungs of the world.” Surrounded by the incredible diversity of the topics we’ll explore the richness around us and within us through a series of mindfulness practices in sustained silent retreat

Our Rainforest Retreat is also a fundraiser. Funds retained from the sliding scale tuition and donations mades supports our Accessibility Fund helping us offer scholarships to all of our community programs and pro bono mindfulness programs to worthy non-profits in the region.

More info or to register.


Three photos in a row: a bright green treefrog on a leaf, a black and red butterfly on a leaf, and a large brown and green iguana in a palm tree.