The Five Remembrances
Heart of Winter Retreat 2023
A talk by Tim Burnett

The Five Remembrances: Heart of Winter Retreat 2023 In February 2023, Mindfulness Northwest Executive Director and Guiding Teacher Tim Burnett co-led a weekend online The Heart of Winter Retreat with Carolyn McCarthy. The theme of this retreat was a deep contemplation...

The Mindful Check-in
Tim Burnett - 7 minute video

The Mindful Check-In is a great way to shift into a deeper awareness of where your whole body-heart-mind system is “at” right now. Drop below the storyline with this powerful practice for taking a purposeful pause. You may find yourself coming out...

Soften Soothe Allow
Tim Burnett - 19 minute video

Soften, Soothe, Allow is a practice for working with difficult emotions arising from life’s challenges. In this practice from our Mindful Self-Compassion program you’ll bring to mind a life challenge and explore the emotions that arise around it and how to use a...