A Day of Mindfulness
October 29 (Saturday)

A Day of Mindfulness


1-day retreat

During this day-long retreat, we will be guided in a sequence of meditation and mindfulness practices including: sitting meditation, the body scan, walking meditation, gentle mindful yoga, and contemplative practices like the loving-kindness meditation.

The retreat is ideal for people with some mindfulness or meditation experience. Introductory information about mindfulness will not be provided at this session. Rather, we will dive right in to guided practice. If you are totally new to meditation this day may be a challenge; however, all are welcome. For some, “jumping in” is a great way to start.


NOTE: Participants must be fully vaccinated against COVID to attend this event. Masking is currently required by this venue, but this may change before the event. Masking may still be recommended at the time of the event, depending on current State and County recommendations. See our full current COVID policy here.


Saturday, October 29

9am – 4pm


Karen Schwisow


Peace and Spirituality Center at St. Mary-on-the-Lake (Bellevue)


Tuition is offered on a sliding scale ($65-$120). We also offer payment plans.



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