Cultivating Joy & Happiness
April 28 (Sunday)

Cultivating Joy & Happiness

In person in Bow

3-hour workshop

Why are some people happy? And others not? Is it really just an arbitrary toss of the dice or DNA? It turns out that happiness is a skill that can be developed like other skills, such as playing a musical instrument or basketball.

We’ll debunk some of the myths about what makes us happy and uncover the truth about how to create ongoing fulfillment through everyday practices of mindfulness and self-awareness.

Boost your well-being at work and home by tapping into and fortifying your innate capacity to enjoy life.

A white bridge over a small pond at Bow Sanctuary, where this event takes place.


You’ll learn:

  • What is happiness?
  • The beliefs (both false and true) about what creates happiness
  • How to cultivate happy states of being
  • How mindfulness can help support positive emotions
  • Common blocks for our capacity to be happy
  • Mindfulness practices to call us back to happiness

In this three hour participatory workshop, you’ll learn techniques to help you cultivate happiness with both mindfulness and compassion. Explore a variety of practices, learning simple tools to increase joy, resilience and peace.


Bow Sanctuary is a peaceful wellness refuge in beautiful Bow, WA, which is in the Skagit Valley, 25 minutes South of Bellingham or 80 minutes North from Seattle. The sanctuary offers many on-site amenities to enhance your program experience. Before the workshop, you could schedule a massage or other hands-on healing treatment, relax in the sauna, or you might consider relaxing with a hot beverage in the gardens or dining at the Persimmon Bistro (closes at 3pm).


Sunday, April 28, 2024
1:00 – 4:00pm PT


Teresa Johnson


$70 - $105 (or $14 – $26/month)

  • Sliding scale: Choose what’s right for you.
  • Payment plan option: 4-months, no-interest.
  • Limited scholarships available: No need to apply; just choose a scholarship tuition during registration.
A white bridge over a small pond at Bow Sanctuary, where this event takes place.
Three photos; the inside of the meditation hall; pink lotus blossoms among lily pads; the outside of the meditation hall at bow sanctuary.
Exterior of the meditation hall at Bow Sanctuary.
Interior of the meditation hall at Bow Sanctuary
Lily pads with pink lotus flowers


This workshop will INCLUDE:

  • Supportive guided meditations
  • Teachings on the mindfulness practices that can best support a happy life
  • Mindful journaling practices (please bring a notebook & pen or pencil)
  • Small and large group discussion
  • Practical tools for bringing more happiness into your daily life

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