Open Awareness Meditation
Carolyn McCarthy - 22 minute audio

Open Awareness is the practice of stabilizing attention with a broad, wide-open focus that allows mental objects, sensations, and sensory experiences to come and go. All mindfulness-based practices are oriented towards stabilizing attention. Sometimes a stable...

Sense and Savor…Everything!
An article by Carolyn McCarthy
August 2023

I invite you to become like a bee, moving from flower to flower. In this case, the “flower” being anything beautiful or interesting that draws your attention. Engage your senses to connect with delight: the sun on your cheek, the grass on your feet, honeysuckle in...

We Are All Unique Meditators
An article by Beth Glosten
February 2023

On the final day of a multi-week class, a participant asked a question that I’ve pondered for some time. These are not the exact words, but the query was essentially, “Is there a hierarchy of meditation practices? In this class, did we start with the most basic or...

– The Body Scan –
Practice Instructions

The Body Scan by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Coming to Our Senses The body scan has proven to be an extremely powerful and healing form of meditation. It forms the core of the lying down practices that people train with in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. It involves...

Benefits of Loving Kindness
An article from Mindful Magazine
October 2014

16 Science-Based Reasons to Try Loving-Kindness Meditation By Emma Seppälä | October 1, 2014, Mindful Magazine Many of us have heard of meditation’s benefits. We may have even tried meditation once or twice. And many of us will have found it hard and concluded that...

– Loving Kindness Meditation –
Practice Instructions

Loving-Kindness Meditation by Tim Burnett, 2018 Recent research suggests that the mind is “primed” to be more loving, kind, and compassionate but that our educational systems and culture don’t give us many opportunities to develop this. Our culture tends to view...

– Awareness of Breathing –
Practice Instructions

Awareness of Breathing: Stabilizing the Mind Awareness of Breathing is a go-to mindfulness practice you can do almost anywhere and anytime. Find a stable position for the body (sitting is traditional, but standing or laying down work too), and gather your awareness...

Walking Meditation Part 2
An article by Beth Glosten
August 2022

Last month I wrote about the practice of walking meditation and how this daily activity, or something similar, can be woven into one’s regular mindfulness practice. In this month’s article, I’ll expand on my explanation of walking meditation by presenting some...