Tonglen Compassion Meditation
Tim Burnett - 29 minute audio

Tonglen is a practice developed in Tibetan Buddhism for cultivating compassion. As the 7-minute supplemental audio explains it is also the basis for the Receiving and Giving Compassion practice offering our Mindful Self-Compassion classes. In some ways Tonglen is more...

The Inner Critic
An article by Tim Burnett
December 2022

One of the things I so appreciate about training in mindfulness and self-compassion is how it helps bring things to light for me. Mindfulness has the potential to help me notice and understand what my mind is up to. Self-compassion can help me meet my suffering with...

Benefits of Loving Kindness
An article from Mindful Magazine
October 2014

16 Science-Based Reasons to Try Loving-Kindness Meditation By Emma Seppälä | October 1, 2014, Mindful Magazine Many of us have heard of meditation’s benefits. We may have even tried meditation once or twice. And many of us will have found it hard and concluded that...

– Loving Kindness Meditation –
Practice Instructions

Loving-Kindness Meditation by Tim Burnett, 2018 Recent research suggests that the mind is “primed” to be more loving, kind, and compassionate but that our educational systems and culture don’t give us many opportunities to develop this. Our culture tends to view...

Walking Meditation Part 1
An article by Beth Glosten
July 2022

  If you’ve completed a Mindfulness Northwest multi-week course or attended a meditation retreat, you have likely practiced walking meditation. It is a foundational meditation practice, but at first glance, might be viewed as simply a break from sitting....

Soften Soothe Allow
Tim Burnett - 19 minute video

Soften, Soothe, Allow is a practice for working with difficult emotions arising from life’s challenges. In this practice from our Mindful Self-Compassion program you’ll bring to mind a life challenge and explore the emotions that arise around it and how to use a...

Affectionate Breathing Meditation
Carolyn McCarthy - 20 minute audio

The practice of Affectionate Breathing is a core Mindful Self-Compassion practice. This practice "warms up" the core mindfulness practice Awareness of Breathing by bringing elements of self-kindness and inviting a feeling of being nurtured by the breath. Affectionate...

Self-Compassion Break
Tim Burnett - 12 minute video

The Self-Compassion Break is a core part of our Mindful Self-Compassion program. It helps you to understand the benefits of Mindful Self-Compassion as you apply the three aspects of MSC to a problem you're facing. In the Self-Compassion Break you explore (1) mindful...