Take Mindfulness Outside
An article by Beth Glosten, M.D.
October 2023

During challenges, I seek refuge in the wilderness. Nothing extravagant – usually a solo hike, sometimes an overnight trip. Physical exertion is a key component – I enjoy a bit of challenge to get me out of my head. At my age, it doesn’t take much: a couple of miles,...

We Are All Unique Meditators
An article by Beth Glosten
February 2023

On the final day of a multi-week class, a participant asked a question that I’ve pondered for some time. These are not the exact words, but the query was essentially, “Is there a hierarchy of meditation practices? In this class, did we start with the most basic or...

Walking Meditation Part 2
An article by Beth Glosten
August 2022

Last month I wrote about the practice of walking meditation and how this daily activity, or something similar, can be woven into one’s regular mindfulness practice. In this month’s article, I’ll expand on my explanation of walking meditation by presenting some...

Walking Meditation Part 1
An article by Beth Glosten
July 2022

  If you’ve completed a Mindfulness Northwest multi-week course or attended a meditation retreat, you have likely practiced walking meditation. It is a foundational meditation practice, but at first glance, might be viewed as simply a break from sitting....

Open Awareness Meditation
Beth Glosten - 17 minute audio

Open Awareness is the practice of stabilizing attention with a broad, wide-open focus that allows mental objects, sensations, and sensory experiences to come and go. All mindfulness-based practices are oriented towards stabilizing attention. Sometimes a stable...

R.A.I.N. Meditation
Beth Glosten - 23 minute audio

The R.A.I.N. practice is a 4-step process for meeting the challenges of life in a spacious, curious, reflective way. The four steps of rain are: (1) recognize, (2) accept and allow, (3) investigate, and (4) non-identification with the challenge. We've been amazed by...

Mountain Meditation
Beth Glosten - 15 minute audio

Meditations using imagery and symbols can be powerful. The Mountain Meditation envisions your experience as that of a mountain: stable and solid but also always changing. This classic practice, popularized by Jon Kabat-Zinn, is often included in our Mindfulness-Based...

Three Anchors Meditation
Beth Glosten - 10 minute audio

In strengthening the ability to be present and grounded, "anchoring" attention with felt present-moment experience is deeply helpful. While many practices do this using breath as the object of attention, the anchoring meditation helps you explore other options. These...

Awareness of Breathing
Beth Glosten - 20 minute audio

In this core meditation practice, we direct attention to the sensations associated with breathing as our bodies inhale and exhale. This practice is a powerful tool for grounding in our experience of the present moment. Other breath practices like Breath Counting and...

Body Scan
Beth Glosten - 22 minute audio

The Body Scan is a mindful tour through your body. This practice deepens awareness of the body, strengthens attention, and supports a more grounded, present-centered feeling for life. The Body Scan can also reveal stresses and emotional issues that you haven't become...

Considering Meditation Posture
An article by Beth Glosten
May 2021

Posture is the structural basis of our upright position. And posture supports our upright position in meditation. But it is tricky. We are guided to be upright, but relaxed – not too tight, and not too loose. But what does this all mean? If I’m “relaxed,” I feel my...