Comfort and Insight
An article by Tim Burnett
June 2022

So much has been written around how mindfulness practice helps us cope: how we learn to use our attention more wisely, accept things more fully, and become more resilient under stress. This is all true and a wonderful thing.  When I practice and lead others in...

Soften Soothe Allow
Tim Burnett - 19 minute video

Soften, Soothe, Allow is a practice for working with difficult emotions arising from life’s challenges. In this practice from our Mindful Self-Compassion program you’ll bring to mind a life challenge and explore the emotions that arise around it and how to use a...

Chronic Pain Relief
An article by Richard Johnson
November 2021

Pain, especially chronic pain, is a complex experience of distressing sensations along with emotions and thoughts that ramp up the pain. By practicing three evidenced-based approaches to chronic pain relief – mindfulness, replacing negative with positive...

Gratitude Practice
Tim Burnett - 5 minute video

The practice of gratitude has been strongly linked to happiness in emotion research. In gratitude practice we focus on what we're grateful for in our lives which can gradually shift our baseline orientation in life towards a spirit of gratefulness. For more on being...

Awareness of Breathing
Tim Burnett - 5 minute video

In this core meditation practice, we direct attention to the sensations associated with breathing as our bodies inhale and exhale. This practice is a powerful tool for grounding in our experience of the present moment. Other breath practices like Breath Counting and...

R.A.I.N. in Depth
Tim Burnett - 14 minute video

The R.A.I.N. practice is a 4-step process for meeting the challenges of life in a spacious, curious, reflective way. The four steps of rain are: (1) recognize, (2) accept and allow, (3) investigate, and (4) non-identification with the challenge. We've been amazed by...