Loving-Kindness in Three Directions
Tim Burnett - 15 minute audio

Loving-kindness stengthens the natural human desire that you and others be well. A core part of our Mindful Self-Compassion program as well as other compassion cultivation programs, loving-kindness meditation uses a combination of imagery and language to open the...

The Inner Critic
An article by Tim Burnett
December 2022

One of the things I so appreciate about training in mindfulness and self-compassion is how it helps bring things to light for me. Mindfulness has the potential to help me notice and understand what my mind is up to. Self-compassion can help me meet my suffering with...

The Mindful Check-in
Tim Burnett - 7 minute video

The Mindful Check-In is a great way to shift into a deeper awareness of where your whole body-heart-mind system is “at” right now. Drop below the storyline with this powerful practice for taking a purposeful pause. You may find yourself coming out...

Comfort and Insight
An article by Tim Burnett
June 2022

So much has been written around how mindfulness practice helps us cope: how we learn to use our attention more wisely, accept things more fully, and become more resilient under stress. This is all true and a wonderful thing.  When I practice and lead others in...