Mindfully Meeting Aggression
An article by Tim Burnett
May 2023

My partner and I were on a bike ride. She’s fairly new to town and I had the idea to pass through the university campus to check it out. I remembered a trail that skirts the bottom of the arboretum which would be pretty, so we rode up a neighborhood street and...

Chronic Pain Relief
An article by Richard Johnson
November 2021

Pain, especially chronic pain, is a complex experience of distressing sensations along with emotions and thoughts that ramp up the pain. By practicing three evidenced-based approaches to chronic pain relief – mindfulness, replacing negative with positive...

Practice Instructions

Feeling alarmed? Getting reactive? Try STOP-ing. By helping you drop below the “story line” and into your lived experience, this brief practice may help you feel the space between stimulus and response. At the very least, it may prevent you from doing or...