Basic Mindfulness Practices

This page has a good basic set of recordings for our mindfulness classes.
Start here if you are taking:

  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
  • Mindfulness for Healthcare Professionals
  • Getting Started with Mindfulness and Compassion

Got back to Practices Home for many more practice options and in each section follow the link for more practice options of that type.

The Body Scan

Standard Body Scan - Tim Burnett - 32 minutes


The Briefest Possible Body Scan - Tim Burnett - 10 minutes


Medium Length Body Scan - Karen Schwisow - 16 minutes 


Full Body Scan - Karen Schwisow - 41 minutes


For more Body Scan recordings and a write up on this practice, please see the Body Scan page.

Mindful Movement with Gentle Yoga

Mindful Movement with Gentle Yoga - Karen Schwisow
38 minutes

Download recording
Our new standard mindful yoga sequence (2017). download yoga diagrams 

Chair Yoga - Karen Schwisow - 37 minutes


For more Yoga recordings and a write up on this practice, please see the Mindful Yoga page.

Sitting Meditation

Mindfulness of Breathing - Tim Burnett - 22 minutes


Five Minute Meditation - Karen Schwisow - 5 minutes


Sitting Meditation - Karen Schwisow - 17 minutes


Open Awareness Meditation - Tim Burnett - 38 minutes

Looking for other meditations? Please see the Sitting Meditation page.

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