Sitting Meditation

Awareness of Breathing with Tim Burnett - 22 minutes

Awareness of breathing is the essential practice for settling the mind. Of course it doesn't always feel subjectively like the mind is settling down - be patient!

Breath Counting with Tim Burnett - 24 minutes

Breath counting is a great concentration practice. Counting cycles of breathing on the exhale gives the cognitive mind something to engage with an makes it more clear when the mind has wandered.

Listening Meditation with Tim Burnett - 22 minutes

Pleasant and Unpleasant with Tim Burnett - 25 minutes

An experiential exploration of the mind’s deep tendency to sort experience in pleasant and unpleasant experience. This is seen as a powerful driving force for stress and the release from stress in the theory of mindfulness practice. 

Loving Kindness Meditation with Tim Burnett - 25 minutes

Disc 4, track 1 of the current Mindfulness Northwest practice CD set is the Loving Kindness Meditation practice. A generative practice where we use creativity and visualization to generate a feeling of love and kindness towards others. Loving Kindness is a powerful supplement to the mindful awareness that is developed in the other practices we do.

Open Awareness with Tim Burnett - 40 minutes

Several folks mentioned that a longer time “settle in” seemed helpful. Please enjoy this 40 minute meditation around open awareness practice. This is not strictly a beginning recording, see the other, shorter, recordings for introductions to listening, pleasant and unpleasant, and working with thinking for background on how to do this meditation.

Silent Sit - 22 minutes

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