Kirkland Class Location

Our Kirkland classes are held at 308 4th Avenue South, Kirkland, WA 98033 near downtown Kirkland, where we use the space of a Unitarian church.

Our classes are held in the small chapel adjacent to the parking lot (and not the large building closer to the main road).

It's important to navigate to "308 4th Avenue South" (the class location) and not just "308 4th Avenue" (a different location).


  • Evening classes: you may park anywhere in the church parking lot (you may ignore the signs that say otherwise).
  • Daytime classes: parking is available in the West and North sections of the parking lot but the East section is not available (you must honor the signs that limit parking).
  • Additionally, there is parking on 4th street and State street.

Note that you can get to downtown Kirkland from the 520 floating bridge without merging onto highway 405 if you are coming from Seattle.

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